Benefits of Custom Pultrusion

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Custom pultrusions have many benefits. They can produce large, complicated shapes, and can be made from any material, including aluminum, wood, foam, and steel. In addition to custom pultrusions, manufacturers can also produce composite materials, including e-glass reinforced pultrusions. By incorporating e-glass reinforcements, these products are lightweight and easy to handle. In addition, they offer rapid prototyping and 3D printing capabilities.Pultrusions can be any size and shape, including long or narrow, rounded, or irregular shapes. They can be as large as 36" x 18" and as small as 1/4" thick, which makes them ideal for construction materials. These parts can be reinforced with different materials and can be placed in various locations for oriented strength and physical properties. Glass or carbon fibers in multi-filament strands are common reinforcements. Stitched fabrics can also be used.

The custom pultrusion can also be economical and can produce products that have excellent structural properties. Pultrusion is a fast, continuous process and can reduce fiber cost. It can also reduce volatile emissions, while providing unrestricted length and shape. Most pultrusion equipment is automated, making it simple to use. And since the process is automated, it doesn't require a highly skilled operator. The benefits of custom pultrusion are clear.

Strongwell can alter the surface quality of composite profiles to fit the specific requirements of each client. This can be achieved through resin choice, synthetic veil, reinforcement type, and profile coating. Strongwell can even help you determine what surface quality is needed. The challenge is that visual specifications are hard to determine because of the large number of possible conditions. To assist in this process, Strongwell has created a visual specification sheet, EXTREN(r)/custom profile.

Strongwell is a trusted manufacturer of custom frp pultrusions components. Strongwell has multiple registered professional structural engineers on staff to help design custom pultruded products. This allows Strongwell to utilize a wide range of tools, including FEA and mechanical CAD detailing. And its Chemical/Process/Composites Engineering team helps customers create products that are both lightweight and durable. Additionally, Strongwell pultrusion facilities follow strict quality programs and are ISO-9001-certified.

Using the pultrusion process, manufacturers can produce solid rods, tubing, long flat sheets, channels, and angled beams. It is also possible to manufacture custom shapes from multiple resins, and the process is virtually maintenance-free. Additionally, pultrusion shapes are highly resistant to impact, denting, and warping, and they can be customized in size and color to meet the requirements of their customers. Knowledge is power and so you would like to top up what you have learned in this article at